How to Join MNA 如何加入本會

MNA Membership is only for Qualified Dietitians and Nutritionists. 


繳交入會費及每年會費的辨法:Payment Procedure of Subscription and Annual fees:

請填妥會員申請表格,連同入會費及/或續會費親自交給本會,或將會費存入中國工商銀行(澳門) 01191100100000171011 澳門幣儲蓄戶口後,連同會員申請表格及收據交回本會。

Please complete the subscription form and submit it together with the subscription and/or renewal fees to us in person, or you can make the payment to ICBC Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Macau) LTD. account No 01191100100000171011 (MOP) and later submit the payment receipt together with the subscription form to our Association.

 會籍以一年作計算,由每年01月01日起至12月31日。The membership is on annual basis, starts every year from 01 th of January until 31th of December.

 費用 Fees
入會費 Subscription Fee【MOP $100】+( 10% administrative charges if pay online若以網上付款將收取10%的行政費)
續會費 Renewal Fee【MOP $100】+( 10% administrative charges if pay online若以網上付款將收取10%的行政費)

You may also pay the fees through our website PayPal or other cards payments.本網站運用PayPal或其他信用卡進行網上付款。If pay online 10% administrative charges will be charged. 若以網上付款將收取10%的行政費。

Upon the approval of your membership we will get in touch with you. 當您們的會員資格獲批後,我們將盡快聯絡您們。

Your membership  is entitled for unlimited access of membership area content, including information to nutrition seminars, courses, private member’s blog area and much more.